Sunday, February 26, 2006

Democracy of the Rich

It's called crony capitalism, though most of us would call it business as usual. Once again being a democracy means little when it is a front for the rich. In this case the oligarch is in Thailand though this could be the Ukraine or Italy for that matter.

Sell-off and sell-out?

In the past few weeks the anti-Thaksin movement has gathered momentum, with attention focusing on his family's recent $1.9bn sale of the huge telecoms conglomerate Shin Corp. Critics were furious that the already wealthy Shinawatra family avoided paying tax on the sale.They also accused Mr Thaksin and his relatives of betraying Thailand's interests by selling to Temasek, a Singaporean company.

When push comes to shove and democracy as a front for the ruling classes doesn't work then the rules get changed, Berlusconi allies denounce possible indictment or martial law is declared Manila stifles people power

The right of course being right always supports the Oligarchs denouncing democracy when it doesn't work for them such as the election of Chavez in Venezeula, Morales in Bolivia and now Hamas in Palestine.

Petkoff thinks Chavez has been a terrible president but a strong candidate?

Bolivian speaker denied entry to US

Billion dollar scandals and rip offs are ok under capitalism, but the democratic election of those who think people are more important than profit, well that's not acceptable. They have to be assassinated for being dangerous not to democracy but to capitalism and the Oligarchs in power. Like what happened to Allende in Chile.SUBJECT: CIA Activities in Chile

What does Pat Roberts think about assassinating Hugo Chavez?

‘Israel considers Palestinian PM legitimate assassination target ...

Of course democracy is better than the alternative.

Wait a minute he is voting.

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