Saturday, February 25, 2006

UAE Controls the Port of Vancouver

The storm of protectionism disquised as concern over terrorism and security continues in the United States. Bush faces bipartisan backlash on Arab port administration And these guys talk about Free Trade, until they realise that it means foreign ownership.

In an opinion article in the Chattanogan Jason Kibby writes;
The United Arab Emirates also controls a port at Vancouver, Canada. Should we tell the Canadians to send them packing? Guess that's why Fox TV says Canada exports terrorists to the U.S.

My Libertarian pal Brad Spangler says the solution is worker ownership of the ports, what a novel idea, but it will never happen in the dog eat dog world of monopoly state capitalism. Though we can hope one day this solution will happen;says Brad; People are furious about this. I’ll repeat again my own call for non-violent revolutionary community seizure of the ports.

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