Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tag You're It

A great article here on a quickie tagging solution with video instruction on easing the use of tags. Watch Beths video on this page and you can add a tagging bookmarklet to your tool bar to create your tags. No more cut and paste into the HTML coding on your web page or blog. Wow saves you all that time you waste trying to tag. And eating your fingers down to the nub as Marshall Kirkpatrick says

I think that it makes a big difference whether people are employing tags themselves or just using blog software that supports categories. That's part of why I encourage people to use a bookmarklet to make such tagging easier. Why doesn't Technorati offer a bookmarklet like that? The blogosphere is full of people who would rather eat their own fingers than add the HTML for each tag link with a rel=tag at the end of each post. Requiring them to do so is a real limit to the specificity of tags being applied by non technical bloggers. That's part of why people like WYSIWYG blog editors.

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Marshall Kirkpatrick said...

Hey, glad you liked this! I like it when lefty investigative journalists find my stuff useful! In case you've got readers who think tagging is for ninnies, they might appreciate my post 13 reasons to use tags.

Best of luck to you!


It was a great find and you have a great techie blog for us less than geeky types. Beths video reminded me of the Computer Doctor guy on T.V. Tagging is important but until now its been a pain.
Thanks for the toolbar tool.