Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Anarchist Mayor of Milan

This is interesting Dario Fo: anarchist, playwright … and Milan’s next mayor?

Fo is famous for two plays one Accidental Death of an Anarchist about the Italian Police killing an Anarchist in the late sixties and another play "We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay"
about the Hot Summer of 68 in Italy that saw autonomous activity of workers, women and the unemployed refuse to pay rent, seize goods from stores on peoples credit and create an alternative economy that we have seen recently in the rise of autonomous community activities in Argentina after their economic collapse.

Deliberate birth of an activist: Fo runs for mayor in Milan

Well he lost......
Dario Fo loses contest to run for Milan mayoralty

Barbara McMahon in Rome
Tuesday January 31, 2006
The Guardian

The Nobel prize-winning playwright Dario Fo has lost an election to determine the centre-left opposition's candidate for mayor of Milan.

The city's former police chief Bruno Ferrante won 67.5 % of the vote held on Sunday, followed by Mr Fo with 23.4%.

The 79-year-old author of plays such as Accidental Death of an Anarchist, who has never held public office but was backed by the Communist and Green parties, paid a grudging tribute to his rival, saying: "He's someone who says the same things as I do, only the day after." The mayoral election will be held in May.

However his plays are getting more popular presentations.

Satirical comedy premieres tonight

Friday, February 03, 2006

SOUTH HADLEY - A comedy about bureaucracy?

Such a play might sound far fetched. But that's exactly the theme of "Archangels Don't Play Pinball," a satiric play that will be performed beginning tonight by the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School's Repertory Theatre Company.

The play by Italian Nobel laureate Dario Fo is in the style of commedia dell'arte, following the protagonist Lanky through a farcical adventure as he travels to Washington, D.C., to get his pension for being a disabled veteran. Commedia dell'arte is Italian comedy of the 16th through 18th centuries improvised from standard situations with stock characters like the buffoon or the corrupt official.

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