Thursday, March 16, 2006

Iraqi Distraction

When you get bad news;

Like the lowest poll numbers ever, for both your Presidency and your private war.

The folks that are supposed to govern Iraq meet for for less than an hour and adjourns.
34 Iraqis Killed, Sectarian Parliament Meets for Just 30 Minutes

Your allies the Brits announce they are withdrawing 10% of their troops.

The leader you have deposed is calling on his people to end sectarian violence and unite against you.
Saddam Urges Iraqis to Unite Against GIs

The people you were supposed to liberate burn down a monument to the masacre of their relatives because they still don't have housing, water or electricity,
Kurds attack Halabja memorial and govt offices

And you want to let folks think that all is going well, than make a big announcement about a standard training mission for the Iraqi Army. Don't include the press, and you create a distraction from a bad news week.

Which is what this is all about;
US launches major air assault in Iraq

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