Thursday, March 16, 2006

Carrots Scream

Does the carrot scream like mandrake when you put it in the blender?

You have to listen vewy , vewy carefully.

Which is probably why the makers of vegimatic blenders make them so loud,
so you don't hear the screaming.

I missed the meeting the other day of People for the Ethical Rights of Vegetables, or I could have raised this point there.

I love those PETA folks who want to stop us from having any relationships with our animal friends other than petting them and taking care of them.

I too support helping our animal friends and relations since we are animals too. So when right wingers get their knickers in a twist over animal rights being different than human rights, they forget that point. We are animals too. So it should behoove us to protect all our rights as sentient beings.

But in being animals and thus members of the animal kingdom we also eat our fellow creatures. We are not naturally vegan or vegetarian, never have been never will be. At best we have evolved into omnivores, in the transition from Hunter Gatherers to agriculturalists.

Veganism and Vegetarianism is a moral dietary choice. Sort of like not drinking milk. Which PETA also promotes. PETA's agenda has never been about saving animals or even animal rights its about getting us all to become something we aren't, vegans.

Killing, per se, is not the central concern of AR philosophy, which is
concerned with the avoidance of unnecessary pain and suffering.
Thus, because plants neither feel pain nor suffer, AR philosophy
does not mandate fruitarianism (a diet in which only fruits are eaten because they can be harvested without killing the plant from which they issue).
Animal Rights FAQ

In doing so they forget the fact that vegetables and fruits, members of the flora family, also have feelings. Indeed one could argue that the inherent nature of living, of being alive is to have 'feelings'. How of course one expresses those feelings is another question. If one is mute like most veggies then it is hard to communicate, to humans, however they do communicate.

But like lobsters, which PETA also opposes eating, we know when veggies are done, are cooked, are dead, because they change colour in boiling water. And again you don't hear them scream cause you drowned them you cad.

Now as far a moral diets go there are those out there that do go further than PETA and the vegans. Such as fruitarians a particular cult from good old cult heaven, California. They believe you should only eat fruit. Tell that to the Inuit.

But better yet are the breatherians, who believe you should not harm any living creature, and should survive only on breathing and sunlight. Of course by breathing you do obsorb bacteria, spores, germs etc. and thus are consuming some innocent creature. And living on sunlight only would again be hard for Inuit and northern peoples where sunlight vanishes completely. Which maybe why this is the only honest moral diet, since very few breatherians exist. Thank goodness.

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