Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Alberta Gets No Respect

All that whining from Calgary, 60 per cent of Albertans want more respect: poll and the Oilers and Flames are in the NHL Playoffs.

Sheesh Toronto is out of the playoffs, how much more respect do ya want.

Especially since the Oilers played so lousy this year.

How much sweeter can it be when the Maple Leafs are out again, lets see they haven't been in the playoffs since Canada's Centennial.

So suck it up Alberta, and lets play hockey.

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Stephen Glauser said...

I'm having trouble comprehending how having the Leafs out of the playoffs has any effect, directly or indirectly on the respect Albertans receive.

I am not one of the 60% (sixty percent? who cares? it's not 90%) who believe we need more respect, but our hockey teams truly have nothing to do with the amount of respect we deserve as citizens of this province.

Also.. the Leafs have definitely been in the playoffs since 1967, so your post makes even less sense (I know you were being sarcastic).

How sweet would it have been if every Canadian team entered the playoffs? I'm not even a Leafs fan -- as a matter of fact they are one of my lesser favorite teams, and I wish they were in the playoffs.

Let's not turn Alberta into the Ontario of 2006. Drop the elitist attitude.

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eugene plawiuk said...

Well said the part about not being one of the 60% neither am I. And I really could care less about NHL hockey, give me the Olympic Womens team any day. Or the World Jr. I'm more of a football fan. CFL. And yes I was being sarcastic.
And my point was in anticipation of Torontonians who will be getting their knickers in a knot over both the Leafs and of course the Alberta poll. Which I think you summed up well in your last line about elitism. Which was my point.