Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Go Willie Go

Are you on the bus or off the bus? That's the challenge Willie Lambert is making to the members of CAW. Bus driver aims to steer CAW at top

And it's about time that Buzz faced an election instead of an acclamation.

Hargrove has been repeatedly acclaimed to the union's top job since he first took over from Bob White in 1992. He has said this will be his last campaign -- the union's constitution requires staff to retire at 65, the age he'll reach at the end of another three year term. Hargrove Challenger

What is important in Willie's run is the criticism that Buzz has been getting over concession bargaining and sweetheart contracts with the Big Three auto giants, while failing to organize Magna International or the Japanese and Korean automakers in Canada.

Lambert also criticized Hargrove for accepting changes in labour contracts with Ford and General Motors and for failing to speak out strongly enough for protection of Canadian manufacturing.By agreeing to work rules and other changes in CAW contracts with Ford and GM, Lambert said, Hargrove is setting the stage for the companies to demand even more concessions in the next round of collective bargaining

Buzz dismisses Willie cause he is a public sector worker, a mere bus driver.

"He doesn't come from the auto industry - he works in the public sector. . . . So he doesn't have the same threat to his job as the auto workers."

Uh huh, well he is a bus driver driving the buses members of CAW make, and without drivers well I guess those buses would just sit idle. And the public sector has taken many hits over the last ten years, under Harris and Rae. What an a-hole.

Gee Buzz I thought you were trying to build a national social union not just an autoworkers union.
Since that's why you said you were raiding SEIU and why you have been cozing up to AUPE.

Anatomy of a raid

And that's awful patronizing of you to attack Willie for saying what your old pal, mentor and ghost writer Sam Gidin has also said. And he came out of the auto industry. He has publicly criticised your cap in hand gofering for Big Auto.

Concessions in Oshawa: The End of an Era?
Monthly Review, VA -
31 Mar 2006

by Sam Gindin.

Go Willie Go.

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