Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kielburger Wins Nobel

Congratulations to Craig Kielburger the founder of Free the Children who mobilized a grassroots movement amongst Canadian youth to fight against Child labour and Sweatshops. That movement grew into an international campaign that is growing every day.

Children's advocate Kielburger wins global honour

Craig Kielburger, who began his fight for the rights of children as a 12-year-old boy outraged by the death of an activist who opposed child labour in Pakistan, has won the "Children's Nobel Prize. Swedish authorities announced on Tuesday that the 23-year-old, who lives in Thornhill, Ont., had been awarded the 2006 World Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child.

See My Boycott Nike site for more on child labour and Sweat shops.


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Jan_ from_ BruceCounty said...

thanks for making me aware that Craig and FRee the children won this prize. In Me to WE there is a story about a girl named Emma Johnstone and the school created in her memory and honour, as she so strongly believed in doing one small thing! I am her mom, and your blog brought tears to my eyes. I don't see con blogs announcing this most honourable win as a reflection of Canadian global spirit and perceiving that we are all interconnected. Thanks, Jan Johnstone

eugene plawiuk said...

Thank you for the touching note. In Fort McMurray back in 1997 when FTC was first formed the chapter up there made up of Junior High Students managed to mobilize with the unions to get the city council and school boards to stop the use of sweatshopped soccer balls made by childlabour. One the organizers a young woman went on to become the National VP of FTC.
More on that is available on my No Nike page from the time.