Friday, April 21, 2006

Canadian Killed in Iraq

It took Foreign Affairs a month, a month, to find out that he had been killed. They obviously didn't even know he had gone to Iraq. Sounds like the Department and its Minister fell down on the job. Peter McKay should resign.

An Iraqi-born Canadian from Montreal was killed last month when he returned to his homeland to visit the children he hadn't seen in about 15 years, Foreign Affairs has confirmed.Department officials confirmed that the body of Sadeq Aldifai was found in a desert near the western border of Iraq.Iraqi-born Canadian killed after returning to homeland

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BBS said...

Did he forget to turn on his locator chip so the Canadian government would know where he was at all times?

eugene plawiuk said...

Your callousness is showing

BBS said...

No more so than your flippancy.

Care to educate us on how Foreign Affairs was supposed to know that this gentleman was crossing into Iraq?

As someone who fled Saddam's regime in the past, crossing into territory heavily populated by Saddam loyalists would seem to carry a certain degree of risk.

Two of the three countries on his itinerary have listed warnings by Foreign Affairs.

Did he register with any Canadian Embassies abroad, informing them of his movements?

Did he register in Canada before he left?

I enjoy partisan politics and posting as much as anyone else, but at least I include a degree of reality to what I am posting about.

eugene plawiuk said...

You assume that he didn't which is why you are flippant. And for someone who is critical of government all the time you forget their job is to protect Canadians abroad. Something they have been woefully inadequate in doing.
You are a classic conservative blaming the victim. Of course you also face the contradiction of supporting victims of crime....hmmm this was crime wasn't it.