Friday, April 21, 2006

Contracting -out Broadcasting Corporation

Another indication that our glorious peoples network is rapidly become the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation is their latest move in cutting their noses to spite their face. In this case the layoff and dismantling of their production department. The production department for chris' sakes.

Seventy-nine CBC employees - including workers who build sets, style hair and apply makeup - received layoff notices Thursday, a move critics called "the end of a television era" at the public broadcaster. 79 employees to be laid off at CBC-TV Toronto, executives say

The cash-strapped CBC announced it is having to cut back its in-house production capabilities dramatically by eliminating 79 design positions, from set builders and costume makers to makeup artists and hairstylists, at the broadcaster's Toronto production centre.

This is in addition to a number of voluntary layoffs, some terminated studio production jobs and positions left unfilled, bringing the total to around 106.

"We're sad about this. It is an end of an era. For 50 years, there has been in-house design at CBC, and now there is not going to be," said Fred Mattocks, executive director of regional programming and television production and resources. CBC drops axe on 79 design jobs

Aww he's sad. He has his job. Talk about crocodile tears. Obviously CBC is anticipating the Conservatives gutting our public broadcaster as they have threatened over the years. Quick action sought on CBC review

I thought that was why the CBC staff fought the lockout last year, to stop this kind of contracting out. A press release won't cut it folks, but a wildcat strike would. Of course that is illegal so I guess the best we can hope for is lobbying, email campaigns and maybe, just maybe an information picket or two. Sigh.

This is the begining of the end, what will be left of mothercorp is it becoming the NHL network.
NHL is back so is the CBC

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Prairie Kid said...

After years and years of using my tax dollars to propagate the left agenda, it's about time the Conservatives went in and dismantled this old boys club money losing enterprise. Don't worry though, because we can still get our left wing fix from the likes of the Toronto Star and blogs such as yours.

eugene plawiuk said...

Oh joy I can look forward to CTV and the media monopoly of the Aspers etc. Luckily we have peoples radio CKUA in Alberta. Oh yes and community radio that is Campus radio stations. The history of radio and TV is that the rich did not view this as a way of making money, which is why both the US and Canada had public airwaves during the twenties through to the fifties.
Speaking of which I believe that all airwaves should be open to community use.