Friday, April 21, 2006

AUPE gets off its ass

They have a great looking web page, they have up to date press releases and photos. So how come its taken them years to have their communications guy finally post their press releases to LabourStart?

I did it for them gratis for years cause they seemed to forget about this important source of labour news. Well I am happy to let the guy paid to do it, do it. Thanks Climenhaga. Took ya long enough.

Canada/North America AUPE and Calgary Health Region reach tentative agreement for 5,200 GSS workers [Alberta Union of Provincial Employees] For more info 20-Apr-2006 Pass it on! There are 4 more Canada stories today.

Wonder when Gil the former PR guy for the AFL and now their president will get off his ass and do the same thing for the AFL website.He is after all a hands on kinda guy. Probably when he corrects all the dead links on their website and updates it to include Mayweek and Public Interest Alberta.

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