Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hands In Your Pocket

You've seen that ad on TV; the bankers with their hands in someones pocket.

Well in this case the bankers new pal is the Harpocrite government. And they plan to keep their hands in our pockets with his help.

Mr. Harper the bankers friend.

There is a growing optimism in some quarters of Bay Street, however cautious, that Stephen Harper is well-positioned to win a majority government if there is an election early next year. Some influential bank executives believe Mr. Harper is ideologically sympathetic to the industry's merger ambitions, despite the populist bent of his caucus, and that with a majority hold on Parliament he would be willing to deal with the merger file early in his tenure. OECD calls for action on bank mergers

And how do you spell Monopoly? B A N K.

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