Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shop Keepers Liberty

Blogging Tory Stephen Taylor interviews Dannielle Smith, the scion of the new right whose column in the Calgary Herald, like her counterpart at the Edmonton Journal; Lorne Gunter, was created when the evil Lord of darkness and all things anti-union, anti-left, heck anti-Canadian, Conrad the Black-hearted purchased the Southam Chain. He viewed the Southam Papers as too left wing so he introduced some balance. Like Gunter and Smith.

When the chain became part of Canwest/Global media group under the Aspers, the right wing ideology spread to their TV news, with Smith hosting their Sunday Politics Talk Show.

Today she has a new job, with the likes of Link Byfield and the Southern Alberta Ranchers lobby, the so called Alberta Property Rights Intitiative. Like Byfield's other front group;
Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy, which all grew out of the deliberate fiscal bankruptcy of the Alberta Report, this one is another attempt to change the Canadian Constitution.

wants a referndum on Same Sex Marriage, the APRI wants Private Property rights enshrined in the constitution. Neither is going to happen.

Taylor claims;
"Danielle Smith has returned to advocacy work for the cause of liberty with the Alberta Property Rights Initiative."

Liberty my ass. This is the liberty of the small shop keeper, who would exploit his workers, the rancher who would expolit his temporary farm workers, and that clique of farmers in the South who want to abolish the Wheat Board. They are in fact opposed to liberty. The liberty of workers to form unions and producers to form cooperatives.

This is the liberty of those who own property and their power over those who do not. As Proudhon said such liberty is based on theft.

And this front group is a lobby for big oil companies like Encana who continue to expolit and pollute Alberta's ground water with their toxic waste from their coal bed Methane experiments. Encana whose past president was Harpers good pal; Gwyn Morgan.

The APRI oppose the communities demand that the Alberta Government regulate groundwater use, claiming that it should be up to the indiviudal property owner and the oil/gas companies. Yeah forget the impact on your neighbours, just make your own private deal. So much for liberty for all.

Ironically they have spent more time lobbying in Ottawa than doing anything in Alberta, which is why Taylor has heard of them and most Albertans have not.

This clique of right winger back slappers always have work avialable to them despite the failure of the original publication they all began as writers for, the Alberta Report. That's because they are the brain trust of the right in Alberta. Not much brains and no one I would trust.

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