Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Killer Instinct

This is too stupid for words. Bruno the Bruin who wandered through out Germany, the first wild bear in the country since the 19th century, is hunted and killed. Dumb Bavarians. If they wanted to go Bear hunting they should have come to Alberta.

"That is the stupidest of all solutions," Hubert Weinzierl, president of the German Environmental Protection Association, told reporters. "In other countries, humans and bears coexist in relative harmony. Only in Germany would he be liquidated."

But of course this most wanted of criminals really irritated the Bavarian State officials, so he had to die.
Bruno Taunts his Pursuers: Wanted Bear Visits Bavarian Police Station

Of course now that he is dead the Bavarian State says it will welcome bears in the future. Nein danke.

German officials said they weren't opposed to bears in principle, only misbehaving ones. "If a normal bear finds its way into Bavaria, it is cordially welcome," Bernhard said.

Normal Bears? What the hell is a normal bear? Winnie the Pooh?

And poor Bruno will end up...
, stuffed and offered to Munich's "Mensch und Natur" ("Humans and the Natural Environment") museum where he will go on display alongside the last bear to be shot in Bavaria, 170 years ago.

Natural Justice would demand that when his killer dies he too is stuffed and mounted alongside Bruno, as the idiot who killed the bear.

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