Sunday, July 23, 2006

Toronto Star Bias Is Showing

Horde? That's a biased perjorative term for citizens excercising their right to protest. It's a not so subtle put down. Is the Toronto Star trying to keep up with the National Pest?

Calls for end to bombing

Jul. 23, 2006. 07:21 AM

Hundreds of red and white Lebanese flags waved on Toronto's downtown streets as thousands of protestors called for an end to the violence in Lebanon. The crowd also slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's comment that Israel's response was "measured", Thulasi Srikanthan reports
The horde chanted slogans condemning Israel for the deaths of Lebanese civilians and slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's comments calling Israel's response "measured."

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Nav said...

Maybe of they weren't carrying pictures of Ahmadinejad or signs that said "We Are All Hezbelloh" they wouldn't be considered a "horde".

Adrian MacNair said...

Perhaps we are being too sensitive about a word which may have been included as a synonym for "mob" or large group or gathering. I suspect it was meant innocuously.

eugene plawiuk said...

Theres that other word that the print media have been using lately alot "innocuously"

And clearly Nav thinks horde is perjorative. Regardless of the reasons.

Nav said...

You're right, I do agree that it's pejorative. The Star shouldn't have used it in a news article. They also shouldn't have called in at "anti-war" rally when it strongly supported one side in the conflict.