Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Zionist Post

Yesterdays National Pest read like the official voice of Israel in Canada. It began with George Jonas front page column, where upon he defends Israels massacre of innocents as ethically moral. In particular he decends to defending the indefensible, the killing of Canadians in Lebanon because well it was an act of war.

We know little about the Canadians killed and injured in Lebanon yesterday. Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay confirmed eight dead and six severely wounded. Early reports describe them as vacationers with dual passports, caught in an Israeli air raid in the southern part of Lebanon.

We know one thing, though: Israel didn't mean to harm them.

What is going on in the Middle East right now is a war between people who mean to kill civilians and people who don't. It's a war between a side that regards shoppers and restaurant patrons and bus riders as fair game and deliberately selects them as targets, and a side that regards targeting shoppers and similar non-combatants as terrorism, and targets only terrorists.

The Pest goes further and uses Jonas logic in its editorial as well. In praising the Harpocrites defense of Israeli aggression and war making, the editorial says the the difference is that Israel is protecting itself and acccidents happen while the 'terrorists' are out to kill innocents.

Jonas claims that innocent civilians were killed in Hafia before the Israelis accidentally killed the Canadian family in Lebanon, along with hundreds of other innocents that have died in the past six days of war.

Those Israeli innocents were workers at a railway station, which is unfortunately a legitimate military target. As Israel has already shown, the destruction of infrastructure, roads, railways, airports, ports, electrical and water utilities are all objects of military interest.

That the Post and Jonas can use this logic that terrorists are out to kill innocents and Israel is out to stop them but opps some innocents get killed along the way defies logic. And is of course simply apologetics for the Zionist State.

Being the voice of the Israel lobby in Canada, the Pest includes other Zionist apologists like Warren Kinsella, and is owned by the Asper family who have used the Post and their other CanWest papers to voice their support for the Homeland including adulterating stories with editorial comments refering to legitimate political parties as terrorist organizartions.

The irony here is that despite the villification of Hamas and Hezzbollah as terrorist organiztions, they are legitimate political parties. One is the Government of Palestine, the other has elected representatives in the Government and parliment of Lebanon.

They are not unlike their earlier counterparts in Israel, the terrorists of Irkun and the Stern Gang who led to the creation of the State of Israel and whose members later became respected parlimentarians and leaders of political parties in this so called 'democratic oasis' in the Middle East.

Yep terrorists who killed innocents, declared war on Great Britain and other allied powers in the Middle East. Who gained their own state and promptly exiled the Palestinian and Arab population.

Sixty years later the terrorist state of Israel is continuing its practices of war against its neighbours, with little concern of innocents. To them all Arabs are terrorists. And it appears that the Harper, Jonas and the Post agree. So what if they are Canadians, shit happens, so sad too bad. That's war.

Really despicable apologetics for Zionism. How low can you go? Just watch.

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