Sunday, July 23, 2006

Vote of Confidence

With this recent ruling what happens when the Harpocrite government demands that the vote on its compardor Softwood deal be a confidence vote? Looking at a fall election are we. I don't think so. Like the current debacle in Afghanistan and Lebanon, the Softwood deal which looked like a winner for Harper is turning against him. His confrontational style of provoking the opposition to dare defeat the government will backfire.

In politics what appears as a golden opportunity can soon turn to merde, as the Harper is finding out. Just like the GST deal which was paid for by increased taxes on low income earners, and the baby bonus, which was paid for by reducing the child tax credit, again for low income earners. Now there is the seceret meetings to kill the Wheat Board, and of course the recent deaths of two more RCMP officers calls into question the whole Harpocrite promise to kill the "long Gun Registry".

It's going to continue to be a long hot summer for the Tories, and in the fall they will have no priorities left to announce or promote. But they will have chickens coming home to roost.

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