Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Capitalism Destroys Civilization

In order to reduce competition capitalism in its 'creative destructive' logic needs to destroy civilization (the metropole) in developing countries in order to reduce them to primitive tribalist cultures dependant on Imperialist largese for their existence. This has occured in the cases of Beirut( the Paris of the Middle East) during the internecine war of the Eighties, the destruction of Zagreb and Bosnia Herzogovina, and now with Baghdad.

Then and now: Requiem for Baghdad
Baghdad was never the prettiest of places. But in the 1970s it sure had life. People flocked to its caf├ęs and markets. The wide boulevards teemed with traffic. Books and paintings proclaimed the wealth of Iraq's cultural heritage. Patrick Cockburn, who witnessed it all, remembers the city that seduced him - and wonders if the great metropolis on the banks of the Tigris can ever rise again

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