Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We Are Hezbollah Redux

Marchers message wasn't 'Peace'
08-08-06, 7:11 am @ Canadianna
This demonstration took place in Britain over the weekend. Police estimate over 20,000 people attended (organizers put the number at 100,000.) Apparently, they're "ALL HIZBULLAH" now. One wonders if those holding those signs understand the nature of the cause they're endorsing.

Not anti-war, but pro-Hezbollah
07-08-06, 6:52 am @ Daimnation!
A columnist for Vancouver's Georgia Straight savages the Canadian peace movement for supporting a genocidal terrorist organization: Things started at a July 18 demonstration in Montreal, when a small group of young Lebanese showed up with a sign that read...

Gee you would think these bloggers would have read my comments on this. Guess not. Dummies.

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Canadi-anna said...

eugene -- had I only seen your illuminating comments earlier, I mightn't have been so dumb as to think that people attending a rally to demand our government insist on a stopage of war would actually expect both sides to stop war.
Your dazzling history lesson aside, most marchers would probably say that they believed Israel has a right to exist, only that it has used 'disproportionate' force. Some of these same people have chosen to identify themselves with Hezbollah (a group which might be a great bunch of guys who might be justified in all that they do -- but that's beside the point)If you 'are Hezbollah' the elimination of the Zionist state is a priority. A good many of the marchers haven't put those two things together.
Believe what you want, but you can't be pro-Hezbollah and still think Israel is a legitimate state.

eugene plawiuk said...

Just to clarify the position of Hezbollah on Israel, it is rife with contradictions. In fact it is no different than those who say that there should be one State with two peoples in it. They oppose the two state solution that the UN set up in 1948 which has failed to come into existence because it was not supported by the U.S. until the Oslo Peace agreement with Arafat.

Hezbollah cannont dfeat Israel and as much as they mimic the Mullahs in Iran on the issue of Israel they know they are only a local resistance movement.

All else is rhetoric.

Here is Hezbollahs position on Israel from Wikipedia.

Position on Israel

Hezbollah supports, in principle, the destruction of the state of Israel.[42][43][44] Secretary-General Nasrallah’s official stance is that “Israel is an illegal usurper entity, which is based on falsehood, massacres, and illusions, and there is no chance for its survival.”[45] The Age quotes him like so: "There is no solution to the conflict in this region except with the disappearance of Israel."[46]

Nasrallah has a history of making anti-Semitic statements (most infamously “if they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide”[47]), but an anonymous page on Hezbollah's website marks a distinction between "Zionist ideology" and Judaism. It sees the rejection of Zionism as an attitude hold across "races, religions, and nationalities". It likens Zionism to "the concept of creating 'Israel' by the use of force and violence, by stealing the Arabs’ lands and killing Palestinians". "[O]pposing the Zionists ideology is not opposing setting a home for Jews".[48]

Notably, despite the rhetoric, Hezbollah appears to have neither the intention nor the capacity to invade Israel. Nasrallah stated that "at the end of the road no one can go to war on behalf of the Palestinians, even if that one is not in agreement with what the Palestinians agreed on." [49] When asked whether he was prepared to live with a two-state settlement between Israel and Palestine, Nasrallah said he would not sabotage what is a Palestinian matter. [50] He also clarified that outside of Lebanon, Hezbollah will act only in a defensive manner towards Israeli forces, and that Hezbollah's missiles were acquired to deter attacks on Lebanon."[51]