Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Simplistic Harper

Mr. Harper has said demanding a ceasefire is too simplistic. "Conditions have to be put in place to make a ceasefire possible and make it stable," he said last week in Cornwall, Ont. "Obviously that isn't going to be the case as long as we have a terrorist organization that is initiating violence and won't cease its attacks."

Oh does he mean this terrorist organization that is initiating and continuing its violence and won't cease its attacks?

Deadly bombs strike near heart of Beirut

As more Israeli tanks prepare to cross the country's northern border Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said his security cabinet will meet on Wednesday to discuss the possible expansion of military operations in Lebanon. However he said he has not yet been presented with plans to do that. Inside southern Lebanon fierce fighting continues between around 10,000 Israeli soldiers and Hizbollah guerillas. Earlier Defence Minister Amir Peretz said the army is poised to occupy more areas of southern Lebanon.Israeli leaders to discuss expanding operations in Lebanon

I guess not, that would be too simplistic like this apologiy for Israels aggression.

Measured response or war crime?

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