Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The reactionary terrorists in Maimi were out in the streets celebrating the pending death of Fidel Castro.Miami Cubans celebrate, plan for long-anticipated end to Castro's rule Ghouls. He isn't dead yet. They can hope, however even if he passes on their mafia/cia/batista politics will not be welcomed back in Liberated Cuba. Regardless of who is in charge. Why would the people who live in the most developed nation in the region want to return to the horrors of American style capitalism?

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Larry Gambone said...

I know this might sound naive, but stranger things have happened. I wish that Castro and the Cuban CP would prepare for a soft-landing for their system and at the same time prevent the gangsters in Maimi from stealing the Cuban economy and destroying what social services they have created. The soft landing could be prepared by legitimating other left-wing forces such as the anarchists, greens, trots etc. People who will not destroy the Revolution but fight the mafia-Yanqui take-over. In other words, Castro should do a Chavez. Secondly, in order to protect the gains of the revolution all public property - which in a state capitalist economy like Cuba means almost all of it - should be treansferred to the people in terms of non-transferable shares with each person getting one voting share. In other words, turn the state system into a giant cooperative. With the death of Castro or his brother each adult should then be issued with an AK 47 and 5000 rounds of ammunition and trained in its use. Then wait for the gangsters to land in Havana....

eugene plawiuk said...

Exactamondo real 'privatization' as Kevin Carson called it putting the public property in the hands of the people. Which if you read my Green Revolution Article you will see has been happening in Cuba.
Every time I read this crap in the press about el Comandante Castro being a dictator I laugh and laugh looking at the picture of Ralph Klein who is as ruthless a dictator as el Presidente Castro, and just as democratically elected.