Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hey Richard I R A Communist

Richard over at the misnamed Let Fredom Reign, or is it Rain? Cry me a river Richard.Anyways he takes umberage at those of us supporting Cuba. Cuba stupid, the people, not Castro. And not the exile terrorist community in Maimi. He says:

Under the SpotLight - Blogging Dippers

Here are some of the headlines from the "Blogging Dippers" aggregator this morning:
Ever wonder what would happen if we let the socialists retake control of Canada? Methinks they should rename themselves. "The Blogging Communists" would be more appropriate.

Yep wll ya got me on that one, Richard I already am a blogging Communist, albeit a Libertarian one. Heh, Heh.

As for the claim about socialists taking control of Canada, we already have a one party state here, its called Alberta, and it is ruled by Conservatives, so we couldn't do worse.

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