Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Feel Free To Kill Canadians

Under the Harpocrites Israel is given a free hand to kill Canadian civilians and UN peacekeepers. Unlike the Liberals, who let the U.S. do that to us. But at least under the Liberals they protested the Canadian deaths by 'friendly fire'. This isn't even friendly and the Harpocrties cheer it on, blaming Hezbollah.
Hello, earth to Harper, it was Israeli missles that killed Canadians. Israel who refuses to consider a ceasefire. Israel the terrorist war criminal state.
And if the Israel State Terrorists illegally arrest and detain you and you are Canadian, don't expect any support from the Harpocrites.However they will email you a fundraising letter!

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1 comment:

Larry Gambone said...

Of course the Harpocrit feels fre to kill us. That's what Quislings do...