Tuesday, September 05, 2006


So who is telling the truth here....hmmmm, certainly not NATO.

A deadly two days

NATO officials insisted the continuing operation has been a success, saying an estimating 200 Taliban rebels had been killed and 80 captured. The Afghan Defence Ministry earlier put the number of rebel deaths at 89, adding there also had been some civilian casualties.

The Taliban dismissed the NATO claims as wildly exaggerated.

"They are saying that they have killed 200 Taliban, but they did not kill even 10 Taliban," said Mullah Dadullah, the Taliban military commander for south and southeastern Afghanistan.

"They are just destroying civilian homes and agricultural land. They are using the media to do propaganda against the Taliban," Dadullah said.

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Andrew said...

I find it strange and disturbing that you consider the Taliban more credible than NATO.

Feel free to be skeptical of NATO... but cripes man, don't take everything the Taliban says as gospel - that's insane.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Reminds me of Hussein's spokesperson insisting on television that the Americans were nowhere near Baghdad, while in the background, American tanks drove right past him.

I've got to say, being sceptical of NATO is one thing. Saying that between NATO and the Taliban, the people telling the truth are "certainly not NATO" borders on clinical insanity.

NATO doesn't need to do "propaganda" against the Taliban. Every time those thugs burn down another school that dared to allow girls to enter tells me everything I need to know about them. The Taliban made other religious fanatics uncomfortable. The fact that anyone would take their word over the word of representatives of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is truly astonishing.

eugene plawiuk said...

Umm you both missed the point the first bolded statement shows that the Afghan Military denies NATO's numbers. Thats the Kabul Government of Karzai folks not the Taliban. And I bolded the second quote because it shows how NOT to win hearts and minds....I don't beleive the Taliban because they underestimate, I don't beleive NATO cause the overestimate so the truth is somewhere in between.