Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Freedom and Democracy Where?

In his speech today Georgie Porgie Terrorist Fighter promoted the same old worn out pre-emptive strike policy that was put in place five years ago, and ain't working. But it comes wrapped in a new cover.National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

The United States, says President Bush, is committed to advancing freedom and democracy as the alternatives to repression and radicalism. "We will take the side of democratic leaders and reformers across the Middle East," he says. "We will support the voices of tolerance and moderation in the Muslim world."
Bush On Freedom Agenda

So what countries in the Middle East are now moderate Muslim democracies thanks to the U.S.

Jordan? Nope. Saudi Arabi? Nope Kuwait? Nope. Dubai? Nope. UAE? Nope. Oman? Nope. Baharain? Nope. All of them are repressive regimes and allies of the Americans.

Iraq and Afghanistan are dysfunctional so to call them democracies is laughable.

Iran had democratic elections, as did Lebanon and Palestine. But they unfortunately keep electing enemies of Israel that other repressive democractic state in the Middle East.

And Egypt well they have democracy if you call it that, like Morrocco they ban opposition parties and newspapers.

Yep the US sure is doing a bang up job bringing liberty, freedom and democracy to the Middle East. Sure is helping all those reformers their Petro allies keep jailing.

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