Sunday, October 08, 2006


Well our MIA Environment Minister has appeared but not in her shy retiring Dr. Jekyll disguise but as Mrs. Hyde;

- Canadians would see their hydro and natural-gas bills spike dramatically should the three opposition parties succeed in forcing the government to comply with Kyoto, Environment Minister Rona Ambrose warned yesterday.

Fearmongering at the Environment committee meeting, another reason to call for her resignation.

Another reason; she still has no answers.

Ms. Ambrose told the committee she had asked her department to produce the cost estimates to consumers of meeting Canada's Kyoto targets solely through regulation within the country and not including buying of greenhouse-gas credits as outlined in the Kyoto Protocol.

The minister did not explain, however, how her department arrived at its details.

And another reason; she deliberately misreads studies to prove her point when pressed.....

Environment minister angers Washington think tank

An academic from a progressive think tank based in Washington is furious that Environment Minister Rona Ambrose used recent remarks by her to attack the Kyoto protocol on climate change.

Daphne Wysham, a fellow from the Institute for Policy Studies, said Ambrose is using her think tank's criticism of the Clean Development Mechanism to abandon Canada's responsibility to live up to its commitment under the international agreement.

Ambrose made reference to the think tank on Thursday during a parliamentary committee arguing that the mechanism, which allows countries to get credits for investments in developing nations to reduce emissions, had no accountability.

And yet another reason; since they have been in power the emissions of Green House gases have only been matched by the Tories hot air.Canada's greenhouse emissions balloon; EU reports progress

And our final reason;

The Conservative government's plan to introduce a Clean Air Act and begin consultations with the provinces and industry groups is a strategy of delaying its climate change and air quality plan until beyond the next election, environment critics say. Conservative 'strategy of delay' on climate change, critics say

Consultations with these guys,
Canada's largest companies inactive on climate change...thats just more hot air....they need regulation not consultation.

Addressing a meeting in Mexico, British government scientist and former World Bank chief economist Nicholas Stern said it makes economic as well as environmental sense to pursue green energy sources. Britain: acting on greenhouse emissions cheaper than doing nothing



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