Sunday, October 08, 2006

First Oda Then Ambrose

Sung to First We Take Manhattan Then We Take Berlin by Leonard Cohen

Round 1. Progressives unite to lobby for Bev Oda's resignation.
Politics and Poetry has a backgrounder and an action link to the contact page for you to email your MP. And the Opposition of course.

Round 2. Progresives unite with environmentalists, automakers, and unions to demand Environment Minister Rona Ambrose has to go. Use the same link page and email your MP demanding the Invisible Minister resign when she fails to come up with a Green Plan.

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Tyler said...

Hi Eugene! I've been posting like mad about Rona Ambrose over at my blog - and I do too think she should resign. She just makes me so mad that she has this important portfolio, and she isn't doing her job.

eugene plawiuk said...

So we have a couple of options, publicize a resign campaign in our blogs, using the link in the post, and also start a petition to the Opposition to demand they call for her resignation.
Since we know the Government won't listen petitioning them is useless, getting at least one of the opposition parties to act is more realistic.

berlynn said...

The catapultist mag, Maclean's, has a poll, Is Environment Minister Rona Ambrose doing enough to fight climate change? 36% of the respondents at 1 pm CST on Thanksgiving Monday say yes!!!

berlynn said...