Sunday, October 08, 2006

Faith Based Capitalism

As Harpers "New Government of Canada" begins to unveil its hidden agenda, all those issues that were not priorities but campaign messaging become priorities. For instance it's faith based politics were revealed in the Tories "universal daycare" program, which it isn't.

And in its current floating of the idea of defense of religion legislation should it lose the vote on defining marriage as a Christian heterosexual institution.

If that succeeds this would be the result.....

At any moment, state inspectors can step uninvited into one of the three child care centers that Ethel White runs in Auburn, Ala., to make sure they meet state requirements intended to ensure that the children are safe. There must be continuing training for the staff. Her nurseries must have two sinks, one exclusively for food preparation. All cabinets must have safety locks. Medications for the children must be kept under lock and key, and refrigerated.

The Rev. Ray Fuson of the Harvest Temple Church of God in Montgomery, Ala., does not have to worry about unannounced state inspections at the day care center his church runs. Alabama exempts church day care programs from state licensing requirements, which were tightened after almost a dozen children died in licensed and unlicensed day care centers in the state in two years.

The differences do not end there. As an employer, Ms. White must comply with the civil rights laws; if employees feel mistreated, they can take the center to court. Religious organizations, including Pastor Fuson’s, are protected by the courts from almost all lawsuits filed by their ministers or other religious staff members, no matter how unfairly those employees think they have been treated.

And if you are curious about how Ms. White’s nonprofit center uses its public grants and donations, read the financial statements she is required to file each year with the Internal Revenue Service. There are no I.R.S. reports from Harvest Temple. Federal law does not require churches to file them.

Of course this is just more North American christian revivalist fundamentalist protestant and Catholic influencing the neo-con right. Who in order to get elected to power lose any pretence to libertarianism.

There is an outright injustice in tax payers paying twice to the church. First because it is tax free, so we carry the church load in social payments, second in that the government then subsidizes it with taxpayer grants. That the Canadian Taxpayers Federation those fiscal conservatives don't take this on, nor does the non-moralist conservative right, shows the disproportionate influence of the Church on the anti-state right.

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