Thursday, April 05, 2007

Criminal Capitalist Gets Honorary Degree

The U of A does it again. Celebrating criminal capitalism by giving an honorary degree to E. Hunter Harrison of CN. Heck he is the perfect model for a MBA think of all his successes; the accidents, environmental damage, job losses, and forcing workers to strike. If he is one of the top executives in his field then perhaps they should consider Conrad Black for an honorary degree next year.

Former deputy prime minister Anne McLellan and CN chief executive E. Hunter Harrison are among 10 people who will receive honorary degrees at the University of Alberta’s spring convocation ceremonies.

In making its choices, the university made sure to pick a diverse group of leaders from the fields of art, science, business, and community involvement, U of A chancellor Eric Newell said.

Among the selections, the choice of Harrison has the potential to cause some controversy since it was one of his company’s trains that derailed and spilled oil into Wabamun Lake in 2005.

CN was criticized for its handling of the incident in the early days following the spill.

But Newell said Harrison is a worthy choice to speak to business graduates because he is widely recognized as one of the top executives in his field, and CN’s operational headquarters are based in Edmonton.



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1 comment:

Erik Abbink said...

Often honorary degrees are more about the supplier than the receiver.

This is just another example; at least we know what the U of A stand for (in case you hadn't figured that out yet).

How could spilling oil be a bad thing anyways?