Thursday, April 05, 2007

TILMA Made In Alberta NAFTA

Accidental Deliberations points out that the NDP Government in Saskatchewan will be holding public hearings on the Alberta/B.C. TILMA pact, which is an agreement to homogenize provincial standards with NAFTA.

TILMA is being is being promoted Canada wide as the model for bilateral and multilateral agreements to end trade restrictions between provinves across the country.

The fact that like NAFTA and other international corporate government accords, this one was conducted in secret, with no public input.

Saskatchewan will allow the first public hearings on TILMA. This will allow a full discussion and disclosure of this internal NAFTA style pact. And thus it will allow labour, community, and others concerned with the pact to challenge it.

Like the MAI accord and other such multilateral and bilateral corporatist state trade agreements, public exposure will show that once again those who decry the State and call for less government really mean that they oppose transparency and responsibility to the citizens, preferring to do business with business behind close doors.

TILMA is a perfect example of the Alberta democratic deficit, which is the real politiks of the the Republicanadian right when they speak of wanting smaller or less government. It really means less political responsibility to the citizens.



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