Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tories Leaky Ship of State

The Conservative governments embrace of the hard right statism of Law and Order, Militarism and an autocratic PMO is okay with their base.

What has p.o. some of their more vocal and organized social conservative supporters, in Alberta and Southern Ontario, is their embracing the dillitante green liberalism of Ottawa.

Can you say R E F O R M.

Somewhere in Kingston Saturday, a small group of disaffected Conservatives will meet to discuss what would have been unfathomable in the heady days that followed the last federal election: refounding the Reform Party.

Organizers say they have room for just 30 people, but that this weekend's event is a mere prelude to a much larger meeting later this month.

“It's now or never,” the online invitation says. “This new party will never be infiltrated by Red Tories, special interest groups or Quebec again.”

In another part of the country, Link Byfield is writing columns for his Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy that criticize the policies of the federal Conservatives.

“Has Stephen Harper been ‘Otta-washed?'” Mr. Byfield, a strong voice for small-c conservative Alberta, wrote on April 5. He went on to decry the March budget as a “massive spending splurge two or three times the rate of inflation [that] clomps big Liberal boots into all kinds of provincial responsibilities.”

When the Conservatives were elected in January, 2006, the former Reformers were jubilant at the thought of finally having a voice in Ottawa. But after a series of centrist decisions by Mr. Harper, they are again lamenting their disenfranchisement.

Thousands of supporters of Danny Williams hold rally to attack Harper

CanWest News Service

Published: Saturday, May 12, 2007

Several thousand angry Newfoundlanders massed on the steps of their legislature yesterday to attack Prime Minister Stephen Harper over changes to the equalization formula. Rally participants -- estimated at 3,000 -- vowed to stand behind Premier Danny Williams, pictured, in his public feud with Ottawa over a decision that could cost the provincial treasury $11-billion. Judy Hurley, who was at the rally, said she felt betrayed by the Prime Minister's decision to exclude all non-renewable resource revenue from the equalization formula. "I trusted Harper. Even when people said he couldn't be trusted, I gave him a chance," she said. "I'm disgusted."

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