Monday, April 09, 2007

Liberals The New PC's

So suggests Gerry Nicolls who recently was fired from the National Citizens Coalition. It seems he is uber disappointed in the new Authoritarian Government of Harper the autarch. As result of his criticism of the Harpocrites, the invisible hand of the government reached out and touched the NCC which in return gave Gerry the boot.

Now Nicolls is suggesting a revival of the old Progressive Conservatives under the New Liberal Party of Dion. This of course has upset some Liberal bloggers, but frankly considering Dion's flip flops on issues like the war in Afghanistan and the Anti-Scab legislation, well if it walks like a PC and quacks like a PC it probably is a PC.

And think of it, if the Liberals became the new PC party Elizabeth May would join in a heartbeat and dissolve the Green Party into a new Progressive coalition with the Liberals.

The Progressive Conservative Party was cannibalized by the Alliance Party. The loss of the adjective “progressive” was more than grammatical. The heart was torn out of Canadian politics. The loss of the traditional, principled Progressive Conservative counter-weight to the ethically flexible Liberals has cost this country dearly.

After all the Progressives who came out of the PC's are now going Green.


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