Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feds Screw Alberta, Again

Ken Chapman makes the point well in his blog;

Is Harper's ecoTrust Really a Fiscal Imbalance Fund?
Is Harper taking his western base, particularly Alberta and Saskatchewan, for granted, yet again? Premiers Stelmach and Calvert are taking the Harper eco-Trust idea to task. They are calling for the funds to be distributed in a way that responds to solving the emission issues by focusing funds where the GHG problems are, like Alberta and Saskatchewan. Instead, the Harper Cons are proposing a per capita distribution and a pre-emptive promise to Quebec that is tied to elections, in Quebec and federally.Quebec is the place Harper chose to announce a potential (subject to budget approval) funding for reduction of air pollution and GHG emissions.

And the news is not good coming from the silence of Finance Minister Flaherty on the contentious issue of resource revenues.

Mr. Flaherty said the budget will "address the issue of moving from fiscal imbalance in the governments in Canada to fiscal balance." But he's not tipping his hand on whether resource-rich provinces will be expected to share their wealth.He did not indicate how far and how fast the federal government intends to move to help provinces with revenue shortfalls.

So here we have the Party of Alberta in power in Ottawa, screwing Alberta.

Is it because they take their voter base for granted, which is a given in Alberta politics. Or is it something more nefarious.

Like allowing their right wing base to move even further right into the hands of the likes of ex-California Beach Bum and Separatist Ted Morton. Is this a way for Harper to provoke a Firewall around Alberta by showing that the Federalist State can do nothing but placate Quebec.

Because they sure as heck aren't doing anything for Ontario, and they are giving ammunition to newly appointed Alberta CEO Ed Stelmach for his shot-gun blasts at Ottawa.

Or is it simply as Ken asserts that Harper has gotten a taste of power and wants to keep it at any cost, well almost any cost. He will pay Quebec for votes and tax Alberta Saskatchewan and Newfoundland resource revenues for the cost. But to soften the blow he might leave Alberta out of his resource revenue grab, just to further divide and conquer.

It is not the Liberals that are the threat to Alberta's Resources, it is the Harpocrites that will bring in the new NEP. And as usual the right wing pundits in the province, in the media and on the blogs fail to see this obvious fact of realpolitik.

To rule and govern in Canada is to be the PM. The party and the people do not matter.

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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

"No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in." -- Anonymous

"There's no sense sending any of 'our guys' to Ottawa. Everybody goes to Ottawa wanting to change things, but nothing ever changes. Best way to change Ottawa is to make it part of a foreign country." -- My mother.

I'm sorry, is this news surprising anybody? Harper is better than Martin or Layton in power, its true, but herpes is better than AIDS and I wouldn't use this as an argument to encourage people to accept the former just because the latter is so much worse.

eugene plawiuk said...

Can you say R E F O R M