Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tasers Are Lethal

Tasers are supposedly an alternative to lethal force, right. So if the taser doesn't work......Winnipeg police shoot man dead after taser fails

And they say the death penalty is outlawed in Canada. In this case the police abetted a public suicide.

She said neighbours told her the man was yelling "shoot me" at the officers before police opened fire.

This is another case of the police failure to be able to deal with mentally distressed people in public, and in this case the victim was a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, suffering post traumatic stress. Another failure of the Conservative Law And Order Government to provide for our veterans leaving them to fend for themselves.

A delusional Roy Thomas Bell confronted police with an air pellet gun Monday night in a bid to get help for his mental illness, not to compel officers to shoot him, a woman speaking on behalf of the family said Wednesday.

"This man died trying to get help," she said. "Suicidal people don't do that. He was just not in his right mind at the time."

The woman said Bell, 44, had a history of mental illness that was getting progressively worse since his discharge from the Canadian Forces about three years ago.

Bell worked in the post office of CFB Winnipeg and was discharged after 23 1/2 years on a reduced pension. He was deemed unfit to serve in Afghanistan.

Matthew Gray, a retired soldier, told CBC News that Bell, known to many as Tom, had long struggled with mental-health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, following a training deployment overseas as part of his military service.

"Roy Bell was struggling — as many other soldiers I know — to try and get assistance for his PTSD, trying to get understanding as to why he got it and what it's doing to him, trying to get an understanding of the system and how it employs the help that we get, and, you know, it's the same thing with a lot of soldiers," Gray said.


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