Friday, February 08, 2008

Ed Promises More Temporary Workers

Another unrealistic election pledge by Ed leader of the Party With No Plan. Like his more doctors pledge, this too relies on hiring more temporary workers from other countries.

Premier Ed Stelmach made a campaign stop in Red Deer today
to announce daycare help for families, but a group of moms who were watching say they were not impressed.

Stelmach promised minor improvements to the Family Employment Tax Credit, but he couldn’t tell more than a dozen moms at the daycare centre how much they would save.

The premier also promised that his Tories would help private groups and others create 14,000 new child care spaces over three years, but again the moms were skeptical.

Stelmach says even existing daycares have trouble attracting and retaining staff, so he says foreign workers would be recruited for Alberta’s new daycare spaces.

But several moms at the campaign event later said they’re reluctant to send their children to daycares where the staff are not adequately trained or don’t speak English.

Gee aren't those called nannies?

And as this Liberal Blogger points out, those daycare spaces were already paid for by the Liberal Federal Government. Talk about recycling Ed and the Tired Old Tories truly are the green party when it comes to announcing nothing new, and nothing they could not have done in the past twelve months.

And apparently the Tired Old Tories are making promises they have not calculated the costs for, again. Tax breaks for instance that do not pay for real out of pocket costs of daycare.

Sharlene Dolan, who has a two-year-old daughter, says she doubts the premier’s announcement will have any significant impact on the $875 a month she pays for daycare.

"OK, he's going to cut our taxes, right, but it still doesn't put a cap on the daycare [fees]," said Sharlene Dolan, who pays $875 a month for her daughter's care. "It can sound really good right now on paper but if the daycare costs go up it doesn't help," she said.

The Tory promise focused on changes to the Family Employment Tax Credit, which Stelmach said would help up to 170,000 families with tax credits ranging from $639 a year for one child to $1,685 for four or more children.

Stelmach could not say how much money those families would receive as a result of having those additional deductions on their tax returns.

These guys cannot budget nor do they seem to know what a calculator is for.


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1 comment:

Canajun said...

From what I've been hearing, the current foreign worker program in Alberta (and elsewhere too, I assume - just Alberta is the largest user)is fraught with problems that should be fixed before any increase is even contemplated. Everything from paid recruiting (illegal)to overcrowding in squalid company-provided housing, to lack of any kind of social support to help these workers integrate while they are here in Canaeda.
Perhaps he should be working on those issues first.