Friday, February 08, 2008

Why Canada Failed Kyoto

The truth about why the Liberals failure to meet their Kyoto commitments,that the Harpocrites deliberately side step, was revealed last night by Jean Chretien when he spoke at the U of A.

He said his Liberal government of the 1990s had done much to pump up the economy Albertans now enjoy, including helping to push ahead development of the oilsands. "If I had done for Quebec what I had done in Alberta in terms of incentives for the tarsands, I would have won all the seats in Quebec," he joked.

Surprise, surprise development trumped the environment and Kyoto was window dressing. State Capitalism is the source of Alberta's oil wealth, unfortunately it is socialism for the rich. Them that's got gets.

H/T to AlbertaTory

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Anonymous said...

WOW . . don't know which is better.

Cruton's massive lying or your Marxist interpretation of what is happening.

Regardless, either is good for a guffaw or three.

Werner said...

t's hard to know if being branded as the house marxist of Alberta should be taken as a complement. The "new" tories seem to have a love for state interference when it is useful to them (of course they usually call this "law and order" rather than "socialism" mustn't forget that) and are generally enthusiastic supporters of any tyranny that provides opportunities" for making money from slave labour ie.China.

eugene plawiuk said...

funny but my so called 'Marxist' interpretation is echoed by CTV's Graham Richardson who has been given to pointing this fact out when Tories start whining about the Liberals doing nothing about Kyoto for 13 years. Guess he is a closet Marxist too.

State Capitalism in Canada is the maple syrup of the economy regardless of the party in power. The greatest proponent of it was C.D.Howe who was Minister of Everything during WWII and now has a so called right wing free market think tank named after him, the irony is delicious.