Friday, February 08, 2008

Ed Gets No Love

I am surprised more folks have not picked up on this earthshaking political shift. Ralph Klein's Brain supporting a Liberal.

The Scud Stud can't get no Love.

Rod Love, the one-time top adviser to former Conservative premier Ralph Klein, remarked Tuesday on a CBC radio show that in the current provincial election campaign, he is endorsing the Liberal candidate in his home riding of Calgary Currie.

That's the same riding where the Tories are running quasi-celebrity Arthur Kent, a former NBC reporter who earned his nickname for his good looks and unfazed live coverage of Scud missile attacks during the Persian Gulf War.

Liberal candidate Dave Taylor welcomed the endorsement, though he acknowledged Love is probably still firmly entrenched in the Alberta Tory camp.

In Alberta, well at least Calgary, you can't tell the difference between the Liberals and Tories. After all Ralph Klein was Liberal for a while. And Lougheed built the PC's on an alliance with Calgary Liberals and Socreds.

And no sooner had loose lips sunk Ed's ship Love recanted. Of course there is no love lost between Ed and Ralph. Which may have been why Love blurted out his preference. A little bit of the old stab in the back.

Rod Love, one of Alberta's most well-known Conservative backroom strategists, wants everyone to know that he hasn't gone "to the dark side" to support the Alberta Liberals.

Love took to the airwaves Wednesday to correct earlier reports that he was endorsing Liberal incumbent Dave Taylor in the March 3 provincial election.

On a radio panel Tuesday, the one-time top adviser to former Conservative premier Ralph Klein had conceded that Taylor has been a "very good" elected representative in Calgary Currie, where Love lives.

But he says his support still lies with the Conservative candidate, former reporter Arthur Kent, who earned the nickname Scud Stud for his good looks and unfazed live coverage of missile attacks during the Persian Gulf War.

Love told The Rutherford Show on CHQR radio that he'd no sooner support the Liberals than cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Taylor, meanwhile, says he represents all his constituents regardless of how they voted in the last election and is pleased that Love is happy with the job he's done.
It seems that Conservatives across North America lately suffer from Flip Flop.

“I woke up this morning to find out that I had gone to the dark side.”

-- Rod Love, long-time Alberta Tory operative, on Wednesday responding to a Calgary Sun story he had endorsed Liberal candidate Dave Taylor. Mr. Love told Calgary radio host Dave Rutherford the “torqued” story arose from a radio interview he gave on Tuesday. Mr. Love said he told the CBC that he lived in Mr. Taylor’s riding of Calgary Currie and he was a competent MLA.

And once the cat is out of the bag well its hard to spin it as yuck,yuck just kidding. Nope this key political strategist and back room boy did not misspeak, he said exactly what he wanted to get out there. The old Klein gang is not happy with Mr. Ed. Haven't been since he lost Ralph's seat in a by-election.

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