Friday, November 25, 2005

Dead Blog

So I thought I would check out the Globe and Mails pick of the blogs, the usual mix of liberal and right wing bloggers along with the usual MSM suspects, on their website under 'Blog Spotting. Our Favorites'.

I found this blog by CTV Reporter David Akins.
David Akin's On the Hill Working notes by a Canadian politics reporter.

Now Mr. Akin has not posted since July!!! Hello Globe and Mail if this is your favorite well yer outtadate.

Mr. Akin says he is offline for a bit, lets see four months is a bit much in the blogosphere.
Friday, July 22
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This blog is offline for a bit and, until it's online again, I've turned off the ability to comment on articles here or provide trackbacks.

Guess no one's checking their links over at the Mop and Pail.

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