Friday, November 25, 2005

Bouchard's Bankrupt Nationalism

This should come as no surprise except perhaps to those leftists that still see Quebec Nationalism or Soverignty as the road to socialism. In fact Quebec nationalism is merely the creation of another capitalist market to compete with other national capitalisms in North America. In this case Bouchard true to his bourgoies roots as a nationalist and a capitalist, who came out of the Mulroney Tories to create the BQ wanted to move the PQ to the right. A merger of the right wing ADQ with the PQ would be like the merger of the old Reform/Alliance with the NDP. His recent manifesto from the right shows that this is his agenda still. Once again Quebec Nationalism offers nothing to the working class in Quebec except the rule of petit-burgoise shop keepers, carrerists, and opportunists.
The sooner they learn this the better off we all will be, as this is one of the most militant working classes in Canada. A militant working class that could unite the rest of the country in rebellion.

Bouchard eyed PQ-ADQ merger

Quebec — Just before he became Quebec premier, Lucien Bouchard invited the Action démocratique du Québec party to merge with the Parti Québécois after the 1995 referendum on sovereignty, ADQ Leader Mario Dumont says in a book released yesterday.

The statement underscores Mr. Bouchard's conflicting views with his party.

In the book, Mr. Dumont, 35, writes that Mr. Bouchard, who became PQ leader in early 1996, offered him a cabinet position -- which "would have meant the disintegration of the ADQ" -- in a bid to transform the PQ into a moderate nationalist party seeking political autonomy rather than independence.

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