Monday, April 24, 2006

How Green My Pasture Is

Well the leader of the Green Party, that other Tory Harris, has stepped down.Harris won't lead Greens into next vote: report Luckily they have a trilingual Ukrainian Canadian in the wings to run for his place David Chernushenko. And there is the possibility that the brilliant and principled Elizabeth May of the Sierra Club could run as well. She showed up as a co presenter at the Mulrony Green Thumb award last week. Of course always in the wings is the perennial wanna be party leader, any party any time, David Orchard, if he doesn't run for the Liberal Leadership race, or even if he does.....

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1 comment:

Mark Francis said...

May is all but in the contest.

If so, she's likely a shoe-in.

But she has to annunce it soon, as the leadership contest is over end of May.