Monday, April 24, 2006

Your Blog Is Being Traced

I am always amazed by who reads this blog, or at least drops by for a visit. Or perhaps, if I was a wee bit paranoid, who is monitoring me.

And you have to watch what you say on your blog because Big Brother is watching.

In this case corporate bosses are watching, and monitoring my articles on AFI the professional security company that protects scabs and promotes union busting. Such as they are doing at the BHP Diamond mine strike.

And the bosses at the Diamond Miner BHP are also scanning the internet on the coverage they are getting on the current strike at their mine in Nunavit. They popped by for a visit here yesterday via (Sita-societe Internationale De Telecommunications Aeronautiques)

I guess I should be flattered they visited. Or just a tich paranoid.

In the case of AFI they have hired a professional company; Reputrace to monitor the web and the media for stories about them. And they popped by my blog for a visist.

Nice to see AFI supporting Canadian Software developers. The privatization of intelligence gathering can be a scary thing in the wrong hands though. As NARUS shows.

As for protecting AFI's reputation that's kinda hard to do when they specialize in union busting , intimitadition, harrassment and general ne'er do well activities for the bosses.

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