Monday, April 24, 2006

Conservatives Cut and Run on War Dead

This just in, from CTV the Harper Government has ordered a corridore sanitare around Canadian Forces Base Trenton. No media will be allowed into the base tommorow when the four dead Canadian solidiers return. This is the same policy the Bush regime uses south of the border. Bet you didn't think you would get George Bush when Stephen Harper got elected with no political capital.

It's suspicious that the Harpocrites should do this, late in the day, avoiding major news broadcasts. Perhaps because of the got flak in the house during question period over the Flag Flap. And ironic in light of the comments made by veterans groups over the flag flap.

Cliff Chadderton, War Amps CEO and chairman of the National Council of Veteran Associations, said the Bush administration has made the same mistake as an earlier White House with Vietnam, attempting to suppress information while it has brazened out the Iraq conflict at heavy public price. "In the Canadian government, we have done the opposite," said the World War II veteran. "It's okay sending troops to Afghanistan — but if there are casualties, let's play it up as a national disaster. Well, it is a disaster, but it's not a national disaster. "Just simply tell the public the truth instead of all this play-acting and `should we put the flag at half staff or not.'"Media reports `over the top,' vets say

I guess this isn't over the top any more.And I guess we are no longer doing the opposite of the Americans. Which as Chadderton says is a mistake. A bigger mistake than just a flag flap. It's a policy of burying the story and the bodies.

Shame, shame, shame, as they say in the House.

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HearHere said...

The family members wanted some privacy in their grief.

Give them a break. Did you see the three ring circus last time when the media zeroed in on a sobbing wife who did not want her husband's coffin to go in the hurst.

Then they chased down mourning family members for "comment."

Absolutely disgusting and disrespectful. We do not need to be voyeurs to their grief. Thank goodness the PM has some degree of human compassions here. It is not always about the photo op.

steve said...

I'd expect that comments will be flooded with "it's what the families want", but with this gov't, it is more likely a politically calculated decision.

Do these families speak for all the future families who will lose their kids? Is this a policy for just these 4?

Next harper will be banning any media reports.

eugene plawiuk said...

There were no reports that the families had any say whatsoever. This was a DND and Ministerial/PMO decision according to Craig Oliver on CTV. Who said to his knowledge the families had not been consulted and only knew about it after the DND press release. Which means the families concerns are a smokescreen for doing the Bush thingee.