Monday, April 24, 2006

Cherniak Snivels

Sniveling Liberal Jason Cherniak who has a NDP phobia the size of the 401 rants again today attacking the NDP for the parties union connections.Without unions, the NDP can compete But as the saying goes he is a day late and shy short of a load.

In praising the Harpocrites new accountability act, he fawns and gushes that the new act will limit union funding to the NDP. Been there done that.

Happened in Manitoba under a NDP government, Gary Doer did that years ago. Opps so did the NDP in B.C. And gosh golly gee wilikers so did Chretien.

I knew Cherniak was wet behind the ears, but I thought advanced senility only attacked the elderly. Apparently he forgot that it was his Great Leader Chretien that actually changed the federal act that limits both corporate and union donations. Never one to let the facts get in the way of his anti-NDP rants though, Cherniak also engages in some historical revisionism.

I believe that the NDP has long been harmed by its connection to the unions. Although the connection provided long term funding and a new building in Ottawa, it also gave the NDP an inarguable bias in politics. No matter what the leader might say, there could never be any denying that the NDP was the voice of the unions.....Under the new rules, though, unions cannot donate money to political parties. How long will it be before they lose their voice in the NDP membership?

Well the unions did buy the building before the Chretien rules came into effect. The Doer government got re-elected under the same rules and the NDP in B.C. made a come back last election. Shucks I guess that shows that the party has a real base in the unions, able to mobilize workers for electoral success provincially or federally more than any other party.

And yes the party was the creation of the CCF and CLC after all. And when labour in Canada has had Liberal or Conservative Labour candidates or conglomerations, as it did at the turn of last century, it got nowhere. It actually took a Socialist Party in B.C. to hold the balance of power with the Liberals in the 1890's to get minimum wage, hours of work, and an end of child labour in the mines laws passed. Socialist Party. Canada has a left wing history, and it ain't the Liberals.

But the Liberal party across Canada currently benefits from union support in the Building Trades. Yet with their alliance with the Liberals, these unions and workers still they have never gained much party control or voice as they have in the NDP. But these unions are like the Liberals, a top down business that runs rough shod over their rank and file. And thus the Liberal Party is home to the professional pork choppers that run these unions. That won't change. In fact the Liberals have a mighty link into the General Workers Union in Ontario, and it hasn't helped them any more than having an ethic link into that same community of workers.

And while Buzz ranted and played footsie with Martin, his executive assistant got elected in Toronot for the NDP. So whose the winner and whose the whiner.

But actually what worries Cherniak is all this unite the left crap, which he precently realises will lead to a further winnowing of the Grand Old Ruling Party of Canada.

The Liberal Party must not be tarred with the position of "left"; then we will be fighting on NDP territory against an enemy that has been forced to drop its obsolete cavalry.

A cavalry that the Liberals and Conservatives are jealous of, a cavalry that delivers voters to polls. Something that neither of the parties did to the degree that the NDP did this past election.

So don't count this old war horse out yet. Be afraid Jason, very afraid.

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Jason Cherniak said...

I was not praising the accountability act. I was pointing out a possible effect of it that had not been considered.

BTW, your blog often crashed when I try to load it. You might want to get rid of the popup.

eugene plawiuk said...

I think I have solved the pop up problem does that help now?