Friday, August 11, 2006

Circumsion Reduces AIDS

Circumcision promoted
Removing the foreskin is thought to harden the glans (head) of the penis, making it less permeable to viruses. Research carried out in 2005 showed the transmission of HIV from women to men during sex was reduced by 60 per cent if the men were circumcised.

There you see circumcision is good for something. Now just lay back and take it like a man.

This is something the Vatican could get behind, and never have to mention AIDS and condoms together again. They could preach circumcision is good for your soul and your health. Oh they do that already don't they, well no they don't.

Historically it was Jews who were circumcised the church only tolerated the practice.

And some 'old' catholics still don't. Just ask Mel.

Gibson "needs to be welcomed into the Jewish community with a public circumcision". ..

I tried, I tried. Really, I did. But I just couldn't resist just one cheap shot at Mel's expense. Heck everyone else is doing it.....and if they jumped off a cliff....yeah I know but I could'nt resist this one.

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1 comment:

Larry Gambone said...

I never would have guessed! (Irony here) This is an example of science coming up with an "astounding discovery" - one that was common knowledge or a common practice among many people long previously. Several other examples would be reading to children being good for them education wise, tobacco smoking is bad for you and pot is a natural and safe tranquilizer.