Friday, August 11, 2006

Sexually Transmitted Cancer

This is scary; a transmittable form of cancer that is genetic and acts as a parasite. It originated in an ancient wolf and now is being passed from dog to dog.

There is a type of cancer, called CTVT (canine transmissible venereal tumor) which is transmitted mainly through sexual contacts, but may also be passed on as a dog bites, sniffs or licks the tumor-affected areas, say scientists and vets from University College London (UCL). The cancer is rarely fatal and goes away after three to nine months - however, it is present in the dog long enough for it to pass it on to other dogs.Cancer Spreads From Dog To Dog

Currently it is only occuring in dogs, however considering that STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) are common amongst humans such as genital herpes, gives us pause. If a STC was to occur in humans it would be a an epidemic like AIDs.

Prevention is simple but remains controversial because of moralists. First the

need for use of condoms, which moralists countinue to condemn because its use along with other forms of contraception allow for us to have sex for pleasure (which is the real reason they oppose it, claiming sex is only for procreation). Second failure to teach sex education/sexuality awareness in public schools starting at a young age.

With dogs its understandable that sexually transmitted cancer would spread its not like you can teach an old dog new tricks, with humans and diseases such as AIDS and other STD's this is not the case. Use of condoms as well as effective public sex education decrease the spread of disease.

However as long as conservative moralists oppose any teachings that sex is fun, sex is healthy and sex is not just for procreation we can expect that STDs and possibly a STC will continue to spread because abstinence does NOT work, never has, and because abstience based sex education is a failure.

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