Saturday, August 12, 2006

Selling Harper's Middle East Policy

Liberal MP Wajid Khan is going to try and sell Harpers Middle East policy to those in the Middle East and to Canadians. Good thing he has experience. Middle East advisor has experience in sales

Like the PM's Emerson deal this one has the Liberals all in a tither . Interestingly neither the Blogging Tories nor the Liberalbloggers have made much of a fuss over this.

Perhaps because, as at least one Liberalblogger admits , it is a very smooth move by Harper. While gaining Jewish Liberals with his unconditional support for Israel, Harper mollifies Arab and Muslim Canadians with a special envoy who is a Liberal.

Khan of course is espousing a Lieberman type of bi-partisanship. And why shouldn't a Liberal promote Harpers foreign adventurism, it originated with them in the first place.

For Liberal MP's to criticize the Harpocrites over Afghanistan or heck the evacutation of Lebanon, is the hieght of hypocrisy.

They would like us to forget that the Liberals voted with the government to support the Harpocrites. And to forget the two week waiting period before the dithering Liberals launched DART to help the survivors of the the Indonesian Tusanami.

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