Friday, August 11, 2006

PC is 25 years old

The modern age of computing began 25 years ago when Time Magazine declared the personal computer "person of the year'. And as they said back then in commercials; "you've come a long way baby".

The commodore 64 is, along with the Apple II and the Atari XL computers, the most famous home computer. According to the 2001 edition of Guinness book of records, the C64 was the most "prolific computing device ever manufactured". During its production run from 1982 to... 1993, about 30 million (!) units were sold. To put this number in perspective, that's more than all the Macintoshes in the world.

And the PC did not begin as an offshoot of IBM but rather the gaming industry.

The original Atari was a pioneer in arcade games, home video game consoles, and personal computers, and its dominance in those areas made it the major force in the computer entertainment industry from the 1970s to the mid-1980s. The brand has also been used at various times by Atari Games, a separate company split off in 1984.

To think about how far we have come in 25 years, a mere quarter of a century, let's just look back to the original Apple computer and where Steve Jobs is today; promoting IPOD technology.

And what had been a cumbersome clunker of a a computer with 64k memory was available as a hand-held Palm Pilot.

first-gen PDAs like Palm, which could also work as text readers. Heavier than a hardcover book, they were less portable and harder to read in direct light. But it was just these complaints that sparked killer app innovation.

This is literally expansion at the speed of thought, imagine the Gutenberg Press and twenty five years later you have the Xerox.

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