Thursday, August 10, 2006

Zionist Fascism

This appeal to authoritarianism and censorship smacks of fascism;

Frank Dimant, the Vice President of B’nai Brith Canada has called on the police and the federal government to ban, or crack down on pro-Hezbollah demonstrations. “The streets of Canada will not be taken over by radical Islamic forces supporting terrorist activities,” he said Wednesday. “B’nai Brith Canada will do its utmost to ensure that Canadians will not be intimidated by these terrorist sympathizers.”

Yep criticism of Israel will NOT be tolerated in tolerant Canada.

Label your political opponents as terrorists and demand the State lock them away.

Zionism once again shows its rotten roots in right wing nationalism.

Jewish libertarians, anarchists, and socialists need to denounce B'nai Brith for the fascists they are.

Thanks to Joseph Lavoie for this.

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1 comment:

Peace said...

Close to TEN THOUSAND Palestinians and Lebanese locked away in Israeli jails without charge or due process. Among them, an estimated 350 children and 100 women. Odd how that fact never makes the western press!

I'm sure B'nai Brith would like to add dissenting Canadians to those numbers if they could. US Guantanamo doesn't hold a candle to the IDF.