Friday, October 06, 2006


Bev Oda the Minister in charge of the Status of Women should resign.

She has cut funding for the Womens programs based on advocacy, education, information and lobbying.They have dropped 'equality' from the funding mandate. And she has the audacity during Question Period in the House to say that she and the Conservatives speak for ALL women in Canada. I think she is confusing ALL Women with the right wing Christian lobby; REAL Women.

Critics slam Oda over funding cut to women's lobby groups.

She has listened to REAL Women and the right wing and included funding now for "spiritual" initiatives. Uh oh can you say seperation of Church and State.

This is the Conservatives backdoor way of funding the right wing Christian anti-union, anti-abortion, anti-feminist, anti-gay rights lobby. Like their day care funding it is faith based politics.

That is the Harper Hidden Agenda. Faith Based intiatives were never discussed by the Conservatives during the election and it ain't in their priorities.

They are using tax payers money to fund tax free church groups and the tax free religious political lobby.
Make the bigots pay! Tax the Churches!

Of course there is another reason she should resign, her ties to the corporate Copywrite lobby from whom she took donations during the election.

For more information see the
Progressive Bloggers Status Of Women Campaign

The Failure of Christianity

by Emma Goldman

Everywhere and always, since its very inception, Christianity has turned the earth into a vale of tears; always it has made of life a weak, diseased thing, always it has instilled fear in man, turning him into a dual being, whose life energies are spent in the struggle between body and soul. In decrying the body as something evil, the flesh as the tempter to everything that is sinful, man has mutilated his being in the vain attempt to keep his soul pure, while his body rotted away from the injuries and tortures inflicted upon it.


Only Christians Are REAL Women


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Anonymous said...

I simply want it stated for the record that I am not a member of REAL Women, and that some of the original blogbursters are not even so-cons.

Bev Oda is also not a so-con.

Hailey said...

Bev Oda DOES NOT speak for me. REAL women do not speak for me.
Status of Women Canada does not speak for me.

eugene plawiuk said...

Well I guess you speak for yourself. But that is of little consequence since Bev said in the House that she did speak for you. I think you better let her know that she doesn't.

That being said the reason I linked to Suzanne's article is that she congratulated Bev for meeting with REAL (sic) Women something the Minister has not admited too.....Can you say cover up.